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From 2002 to 2003

Have Teen Fashions changed much since the 90s and naughties? This page was started in 1996 and readers were invited to send in their contributions.

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Fashion in Louisiana (September 2002)

My girls and I down here in Louisiana like to wear:

Tight Flared Jeans and Tight shirts (mostly black or outrageous colors)

Any Kind of sk8 shoes, Lots of Jewelry, Dog collars, X-treme chains, Chokers, Big rings, Sea shell bracelets and/or sea shell chokers, Spike bracelets, Plastics.

Piercings: From 3-7 on each ear, Tongue piercing and/or belly button ring.


That is our F-ing look Dude.

P.S. check out a Pacson store near you, they are the shiznitz.

American Fashion (July 2002)

My type of fashion is for

Wisconsin Fashion (October 2002)

This is Kitty from the heart of Wisconsin. I would just like to say that your site is very informational!


The fashions that are popular here are:


Boy and Girl Stores:

Girl Stores:

I also found a site on the web that has really low pants for around $50-$70,, they also sell undies that are low enough for the pants.

Fashion in Chicago (January 2003)

In Chicago quite a few hot shorties are wearing girly things like pull on stretch flares with animal print tight tops that have ripped neck openings and jordan trainers or combat boots. Low rise tight stretch cammo flares with back zipper & combats with tight strappy tops. They don't wear any face paint but they sure do look hot.

In the Goth clubs they're saying it takes a real man to wear a skirt and judging by what my sister and our friends are seeing, the fellows are listening. The most outrageous guys wear black skating dresses or very short dance dresses with torn fishnets over dark red, blue or purple tights and combat boots or trainers. Shadow, liner and/or mascara to match their leggings. Totally radical beyond belief and what guts they and their girlfriends must have. The energy generated is thick enough to cut with a blade.

Fashion in Houston, Texas (January 2003)

Damn its not that hard to find a fashion.... basically whatever I can find... if it's on the floor and it doesn't smell bad then it's alright!


Fashion in San Diego (January 2003)

Well here are the most common things you'll see along the age of oh 14-19, will be well.... lots of different things, 'cause San Diego is already hella diverse... but here's what I know for sure.... at least the Frosh and "trendy" kids are like this


Sadly, a lot of them like to wear the same thing... whatever is in, they'll wear it... whatever that one chick from Gilmore Girls wears, they'll wear it. But the mostly this is the stuff:


But one thing is for sure about San Diego fashion... a lot of us (those select few) could care less about trends and we do our own damn thing..... like DUCT TAPE. Yes, we've got rebels wearin' duct tape shorts which is great. A lot of us wear the old-school converse shoes and vintage clothing.... really kick-ass... and always, we like to dress up for warm weather.


Fashion in Ohio (February 2003)

I wear flares and cut-off Dickies, tube socks and sneekers, pink ones with Strawberry Shortcake laces, any thing Hello Kitty and colorful. You gotta have super straight shiny hair and really glossy lips. Thats what I wear here in Ohio, most others do to, at least my friends do.



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